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PHP Training in Noida- Course Content

Best PHP Training in Noida

TechiesEra is a salient fame in the pastures of PHP education, training and placement service. Offering the Best PHP training in Noida, we bestow preparing basis on real time projects for the PHP training by our experienced instructors.

You will find various programming languages, but among them PHP is one of the most capable as well as the simple language of handling. PHP is an imperative scripting language among other programming languages running across the world. The main use of PHP is to create dynamic images or dynamic web page content used on the web.

PHP Training Institute in Noida has a proficient team of adroit trainers included counselor, developer, designer, and administration staff. Our trainers are well-versed with technical skills and spectacular knowledge of PHP. We use innovative teaching methods in order to train the trainee. Keeping in mind trainee's convenience, we provide multiple time batches for the perfect schedule.

PHP Training In Noida with Exclusive Benefits

There are numerous amount of benefits associated with PHP training. It adds several amount of credentials to your resume so that you are able to secure the right job in the allied industry. We all know about the competition that how it is really getting high in the IT field and getting a better job is becoming a much more difficult task now a days. However, you need to know your requirements beforehand so that no problems bother you later on. Enjoy PHP training as it would be beneficial for you a lot.


Introduction to PHP

1. Evaluation of PHP
2. Basic Syntax
3. Defining variable and constant
4. PHP Data type
5. Operator and Expression

Handling Html Form With PHP

1. Capturing Form Data
2. Dealing with Multi-value filed
3. Generating File uploaded form
4. Redirecting a form after submission

Coding Basics

1. Decisions and loop
2. Function
3. String
4. Array
5. Working with file and Directories

Mini Project (With file Handling)

1. State management
2. String matching with regular expression
3. Generating Images with PHP
4. Database Connectivity with MySql

Advance PHP.

1. Introduction to OOPS
2. Exception Handling
3. Framework- Cake PHP
4. All Frameworks and CMS