Online React JS Course

Techies Era is the best institute for react training in Noida.

The command of reactjs has become essential for anyone who wants to develop a rich Internet application from recent web technologies.

This react training in Noida at Techies Era will help you acquire the solid bases in the knowledge and the practice of the reactjs and prepare you for the enterprise environment.

What you can expect at the end of the react training

With this react training in Noida, you will discover how to exploit this advanced web technology fully, and one of the most used libraries, especially in new Web Apps projects.

This training will allow you to develop powerful Web applications with React.

Learn how to use all the features of the JavaScript engine created by Facebook and learn how to create user interfaces of a new kind.

You will be able to;

  • Develop and Master the features in the latest version 16 of React's Facebook JavaScript technology.
  • Create complex web components quickly.
  • Single page application with React.JS, Flux, and isomorphism.
  • Set up a powerful web application
  • Apprehend React Native and all its components works.
  • Write components with the new JSX and ES6 syntaxes.
  • Understand and integrate the Flux architecture.
  • Set up a development environment for ReactJS

Reactjs classes - course overview

This course is designed to give a solid foundation to React.js by exploring all of its concepts and possibilities, to then facilitate the exploration of the vast ecosystem that revolves around.

  • We will begin by discovering the critical concepts of React.js and setting up a high-performance work environment.
  • Step by step, we will explore the fundamentals of the framework and then move to its advance concepts and functionalities.
  • This course is specifically designed to break down the classic pitfalls that beginners - and even expert coders face on React.js, and to highlight best practices and to work efficiently.
  • An entire component will be devoted to setting up automated tests of React.js components to familiarise you with real-world scenarios and to prepare you for the job environment.

Who can opt for this react course?

  • The ReactJS training at our institute is aimed at students, IT professionals, job seeker or anyone wishing to acquire Web application development skills
  • Anyone with knowledge of web development and wanting to master the development of WEB application.
  • Graphic designer, WEB integrator, designer, Webmaster, or WEB referrer wishing to enhance their skill sets.
  • IT professionals and designers thinking of mastering the techniques to develop rich and interactive Web applications exploiting the latest web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery.
  • Anyone wishing to broaden their skills or to enter the area related to WEB development and app development.

After training assistance

  • Full placement support will be given to all the aspirants getting react training from our institute.
  • Personality development classes, interview preparations, and resume writing assistance are included in the training procedure.
  • Fully dedicated placement cell for connecting students with hiring companies and helping at every step of the selection process and to resolve any queries.

At the end of our training, you will master the concepts and the syntax of React and will know how to use it to develop your applications. Understanding, mastering React, and knowing how to associate it with tools such as Flux and Redux will be for you, significant assets in the Web development market.