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MongoDB Training in Noida

Mongo DB Course Content

This course will help you to understand most popular NoSQL databases - Mongo DB. This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to become a successful mongoDB expert. The course covers a different MongoDB topics.TechiesEra is one top Mongodb Training Institute in Noida where we provide quality education.

In this course we will learn how we can query to Mongo DB database. How we can use differnt drivers to connect to c# or java.



  1. Overview
  2. What is MongoDB?
  3. MongoDB Relative to Relational
  4. Application Architecture
  5. Quick Introduction to the Mongo Shell
  6. Introduction to JSON
  7. Installing MongoDB
  8. MongoDB is Schemaless
  9. JSON Revisited
  10. JSON Spec
  11. Introduction to Our Class Project, the Blog
  12. Blog in Relational Tables
  13. Blog in Documents
  14. Introduction to Schema
  15. Quiz.


  1. CRUD and the Mongo Shell
  2. Secrets of the Mongo Shell
  3. BSON Introduced
  4. Inserting Docs
  5. Introduction to findOne
  6. Introduction to find
  7. Querying Using field Selection
  8. Querying Using $gt and $lt
  9. Inequalities on Strings
  10. Using regexes, $exists, $type
  11. Using $or
  12. Using $and
  13. Querying Inside Arrays
  14. Using $in and $all
  15. Queries with Dot Notation
  16. Querying, Cursors
  17. Counting Results
  18. Wholesale Updating of a Document
  19. Using the $set Command
  20. Using the $unset Command
  21. Using $push, $pop, $pull, $pullAll, $addToSet
  22. Upserts
  23. Multi-update
  24. Removing Data
  25. getLastError (MongoDB v2.4 and earlier)
  26. Getting Started with the .NET Driver
  27. .NET driver, MongoClient, MongoDatabase, MongoCollection
  28. .NET driver, document representation
  29. .NET Driver, Poco Representation
  30. .NET Driver, InsertOne
  31. .NET Driver, Find with Filters
  32. .NET Driver, Find with Skip, Limit and Sort
  33. .NET Driver, Find with Projections
  34. .NET Driver, UpdateOne and UpdateMany
  35. .NET Driver, DeleteOne and DeleteMany
  36. .NET Driver, FindOneAndUpdate, FindOneAndReplace, FindOneAndDelete
  37. .NET driver, BulkWrite
  38. Using MongoProc

Schema Design

1. Patterns
2. Case Studies
3. Tradeoffs.


1. Using Indexes
2. Monitoring And Understanding Performance.
3. Performance In Sharded Environments.

Aggregation Framework.

1. Goals
2. The Use Of The Pipeline
3. Comparison With SQL Facilities.

About Tutor

Vijay Rana : Vijay has total 7 years of experience and currently working with a MNC in Noida. He is working in MongoDB From last 2 years along with .Net.Apart from MongoDB Vijay also covers .NET/MVC,Angular,MongoDB,Javascript/Jqery.

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