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Java Course Content

Core and Advance Java

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Introduction to and Overview of Java

1. Truths / Myths About Java
2. Java Versions and Application Areas

Java with Eclipse: Setup and Getting Started

1. Installing Java
2. Installing Eclipse
3. Importing sample projects
4. Executing simple desktop programs
5. Executing applets
6. Eclipse shortcuts

Basic Java Syntax

1. Creating, compiling, and executing simple Java programs
2. Accessing arrays
3. Looping
4. Indenting code
5. Using if statements
6. Comparing strings
7. Building arrays
8. Performing basic mathematical operations
9. Reading command-line input

Basic Object-Oriented Programming in Java

1. Similarities and differences between Java and C++
2. Object-oriented nomenclature and conventions
3. Instance variables (data members, fields)
4. Methods (member functions
) 5. Constructors
6. Example with four variations

Applets and Basic Graphics

1. Applet restrictions
2. Basic applet and HTML template
3. The value of @Override
4. The applet life-cycle and the idea of life-cycle methods in general
5. Customizing applets through HTML parameters
6. Methods available for drawing operations
7. Loading and drawing images
8. Using try/catch blocks
9. Controlling image loading