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Online C language Course

Course Content

C language is the basic of all programming languages so it is mandatory that your foundation should be strong if you want to make your career in IT field. Now the question is there are lots of institutes in Noida then where can you get the best knowledge? Simply the answer is TeachiesEra which is one of the best institutes for IT courses in Noida. There are highly experienced trainers provide training on various languages like C, C++,Java, Dot Net etc. .


Introduction to C Programming

Overview to C Programming

1. Why use C?
2. Uses of C
3. A Brief History of C
4. C for Personal Computers

Running C Programs

1. The Edit-Compile-Link-Execute Process
2. Using Microsoft C
3. Unix systems

Structure of C Programs

1. C's Character Set
2. The form of a C Program
3. The layout of C Programs
4. Pre-processor Directives

Your First Program

1. Add Comments to a Program

Data Types

1. Integer Number Variables
2. Decimal Number Variables
3. Character Variables
4. Assignment Statement
5. Arithmetic Ordering
6. Something To Declare
7. More On Initialising Variables

Input and Output Functions

1. On The Run
2. Input and Output Functions in More Detail
3. The % Format Specifiers
4. Formatting Your Output
5. Custom Libraries
6. Summing It Up

Conditional Execution

1. Program Control
2. Logical Expressions
3. True and False in C
4. Using break and continue Within Loops
5. Select Paths with switch

Structure and Nesting

1. Think of a number

Functions and Prototypes

1. Functions - C's Building Blocks
2. Functions and Local Variables
3. Making The Connections
4. Functions and Prototypes
5. What is ANSI C?
6. The Standard Library Functions/> 7. Throwing The Dice

Data Types Part II

1. Global variables
2. Constant Data Types


1. Advanced Data Types
2. In Dis-array


1. Point to Point
2. Swap Shop
3. Pointers And Arrays


1. Stringing Along
2. As easy as... B or C?
3. A Sort Of Bubble Program


1. Structures
2. Defining A New Type
3. Structures and Functions
4. Pointers to Structures
5. Malloc
6. Structures and Linked Lists
7. Structures and C++
8. Header Files

File Handling

1. The Stream File
2. Text File Functions
3. Binary File Functions
4. File System Functions
5. Command Line Parameters

End of the Course