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Best Angular training online in Noida

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TechiesEra-- the best AngularJs Training institute in Noida with an exceptionally skillful combination of skilled instructors, distinguished and an outstanding learning environment that clearly shelve our AngularJs training phase in the top Training's rack.

AngularJs Training has gained immense appreciation due to the job opportunities created by IT firms setting up their premises in Noida. Angularjs training course can help you get a better job in the IT Sector. Or if you are already in IT sector, it can improve your promotion prospects.

Therefore, whether you are seeking a career as a Web Developer, there is a Top Angular Training in Noida out there to help you achieve the certification. With this training you not only become skilled, you also improve your career.

Know AnjularJS?

AngularJS is an advanced toolset for building the framework, allows developers to make the code much effective and to extend the HTML vocabulary in a proper manner. It is fully compatible with different libraries. AnjularJs lets you use HTML as a template language to express application's parts succinctly.

About Instructors

Instructors have rich expertise in the respective field. Our trainers are real time working professionals and have a phenomenal knowledge of Angularjs. They can help to get some of the best jobs in related domains.

Our Aim:

TechiesEra Offers you live project training under the proper guidance of our experts. Here training will be very easy due to trainer having excellent explanatory power. The main aim of our institute is to make trainee employable so that they can have bright careers in the industry.


Introduction to AngularJS

  1. What does AngularJS do for me?
  2. Who controls AngularJS?
  3. How can I get AngularJS?

Our first AngularJS application

  1. A basic application
  2. Using angular-seed
  3. The pieces of the puzzle
  4. How it fits together
  5. 5.Model, View, Controller from the AngularJS Perspective

Single Page Applications

  1. What do we mean by Single Page Application?
  2. Creating Angular Modules
  3. Using Angular's Routing Service
  4. Creating a Skeleton Single Page Application


  1. Where Controllers fit in, and what they do, from Angular's perspective
  2. Managing Scope
  3. Setting up Behavior
  4. Building a basic controller
  5. A more advanced controller


  1. How to create a model
  2. Explicit models
  3. Implicit models


  1. Angular's take on the View: a little bit different
  2. Tying a View to a Controller
  3. Tying a View to a model


  1. Expressions are lightweight code snippets
  2. Expression capabilities
  3. Limitations
  4. The border between expressions and $eval


  1. Standard filters
  2. Writing your own filter
  3. Tying filters together


  1. What are scopes?
  2. What do scopes provide?
  3. Scope lifecycle
  4. Scope hierarchies
  5. Scope and events

Angular Forms

  1. Angular forms vs HTML forms
  2. Angular form controls
  3. The form controller
  4. Form validation
  5. Form events

Ajax, Data, and Angular

  1. High level interactions with servers
  2. Low-level server interactions with $http
  3. The deferred/promises API
  4. Making RESTful Service calls with $resource


  1. Teaching HTML new tricks
  2. Binding text and attributes
  3. A basic directive
  4. Directives and scopes
  5. Creating reusable directives
  6. Turning directives into components

Testing in Angular

  1. Unit testing
  2. End-to-end testing


Techiesera is one of the best angularjs training institute in Noida . We provide quality training of angular js with 100 % job placement to our students.