Angular8 Training in Noida

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Why Techies era is the best choice for angular training in Noida

Our training on the Angular framework allows a rapid and lasting rise in angular8 skills. Thanks to a modern teaching method, expert and certified faculty member, and intricately designed angular8 course put in practice, the participants acquire the expertise requires to work with Angular8.

At the end of the Angular8 training, participants can design clean and robust applications. The new Web standards (TypeScript, ES6, and Web Components in particular) are approached through concrete examples of implementation, to facilitate the understanding of the concepts and methodology.

Angular8 overview

The Angular training focuses on the latest major version of the Google framework, namely Angular 8 . Designed to create sophisticated web applications, Angular is a complete rewrite of its AngularJS version 1.

Angular 8, released in its final version at the end of May 2019, is the brand new Google framework that is already establishing itself as the best modern Web technologies. These angular8 classes will present and teach you the latest stable version and its functionalities.This release relies on ultra-modern concepts and tools such as ES2015, TypeScript, Web Components, and responsive programming.

Angular8 delivers enhanced performance with a modular, mobility-friendly design and improved productivity for your development teams. By embracing the new Web standards and the innovations introduced by ES6 and TypeScript, Angular immediately benefits from a vibrant ecosystem and an ever-growing community

Angular8 training course

In this Angular training, you will leśarn the basics and best practices for creating your Angular components and producing robust and efficient applications.

We will also focus on the reactive and functional aspects of this framework through the RxJS library.This Angular 8 training is for web-based and JavaScript-friendly developers who want to learn how to develop Angular applications. All this, keeping in mind the set of good practices, feedback, and advice to make the applications made maintainable and scalable.

The training is split between theory and practice to allow each participant to create an Angular application based on an existing REST API. At the end of the training, the application will be operational and can be used as a model for future projects and to showcase it when appearing for the job interview.

Course objectives of angular training in Noida

  • Discover the features & new features of the Angular 8 framework
  • Know how to develop a new Web application with Angular
  • Knowing how to design an Angular 8 application with JavaScript and TypeScript 3.1
  • Know the advanced mechanisms of the framework
  • To understand the philosophy and the functioning of the Angular framework
  • Design an Angular app with TypeScript and RxJS
  • Create your own Angular components
  • Produce robust and efficient applications
  • The angular8 training consists of a practical case in which learners create a complete Angular application
  • Realization of practical work and exercises for a better understanding of the acquired knowledge.
  • Certified Expert Trainer.

In this angular8 training in Noida, you will discover how to create with Angular8 your reusable components. To exploit the full power of the framework, you will learn to master the various facets, including the injection of dependencies, templates, routing, data-binding, and tests.

Finally, you will be introduced to best practices and state of the art development environments. Be the first to understand the new development concepts in order to write robust and powerful applications!